Andrea Leadsom is surely tonight now in pole position to be the next Tory leader with her comments that her opponent Theresa May must be “really sad” that she doesn’t have children. I should stress from the outset that I hold no torch for either candidate – they are both right wing Tories – but given that May expressed her sadness that she could not have children, is this a step too far? In the Tory Party, absolutely not.

Leadsom went further, adding that May “possibly has nephews, nieces, lots of people. But I have children who are going to have children who will be directly a part of what happens next.” She adds: “Genuinely I feel that being a mum means you have a very real stake in the future of our country, a tangible stake.” As the kids put it, WTF?

But what if Leadsom’s children cannot have children? Does that mean that they will not have a stake, a tangible stake, in the future of our country?

It is difficult, impossible actually, to misinterpret Leadsom’s words, so why bother? If you choose not to have children or cannot have children, then you are not as important as she is. She means this 100%, too, because she is a religious fanatic. God is with her. I’m reasonably certain that God doesn’t exist but if he does, any friend of Leadsom is no friend of mine.

That Leadsom attacks May because either she or her husband lack the necessary requisites for making babies is a low blow, not least because May herself is also a Godwhacker. Will this come down to a battle between who that great mythical celestial dictator regards is best, the woman who can have babies and the one who cannot? In which case, don’t the candidates wonder why only one of them was allowed to reproduce in the first place and the other not?

I want the bible-bashing Leadsom to become our next PM. And I am sure that everyone who voted to leave the EU does, too. Not for her religious superstitions – far from it – but because she is the last link between the shysters, chancers and liars who took us out of the EU and wrecked our country.

We cannot allow Johnson, Gove, Farage and co to get away with it. They were the ones who said they would spend an extra £350 million on the NHS every single week, they were the ones who said we would gain control of our lives. They were the ones who told us we would be better off outside the EU and who told us that the dangers of Brexit were scaremongering. And they have mostly scarpered from the scene of their crime, some by design, like Johnson and Farage, and some because of their treachery, like Gove. Leadsom is the last woman standing.

The 52% who voted for us to go it alone must want Leadsom to be PM because she is a true believer, at least she has been since 2013.

I don’t want either of them, really. May’s track record in parliament shows a typical member of the nasty party, voting consistently to make the poor poorer, to make the disabled suffer and to vilify immigrants. But if you voted to leave the EU, you surely want a true unbeliever in Europe to lead negotiations? Don’t you?

Still angry? You’d better believe it. We’re on our way to hell in a handcart, Labour is in ruins with a ‘leader’ whose public appearances seem to be limited to appearing on stage with Jeremy Hardy and Billy Bragg in support of himself and the public has given our politicians a mandate to extricate ourselves from Europe.

Whichever way we leave the EU, it will be messy, it will be painful, the economy will continue to tank and jobs, in the main good jobs, will be lost. It is for the politicians who got us into this mess to sort it out. The loathesome Leadsom carries the mandate from the great British electorate.

I am one of the 48%, I lost. I’m still mad at the result but nothing will change it. Now the Leave leaders should grow a pair and deliver on their promises. Many of those who voted to remain in the EU agree, at least, on the need to spend substantial sums on our NHS. Leadsom who campaigned for the £350 million extra a week should commit tomorrow that it will be delivered the day she assumes office as PM. Or is she as a big a liar as Johnson, Farage and Gove, the rats on a sinking ship?