Whether or not today’s claim by the Daily Mail that in 2014 on a trip to Tunisia Jeremy Corbyn honoured the Black September terrorists who were responsible for the murder of 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics in 1972 is actually 100% accurate scarcely matters in the grand scheme of things. Corbyn, of course, denies that this is what he did, just like he always denies pretty well everything when confronted with the reality of his unpleasant past. And his unpleasant past is a constant reminder of why this wretched man will never be fit for office as a potential prime minister.

I rarely believe anything I read in the Daily Mail because of its ugly right wing agenda but it is not just the Mail which has exposed Corbyn’s past. The truth is that he has regularly shared platforms with all manner of terrorist sympathisers and indeed on occasions terrorists themselves. When it comes to anti-Israeli groups, Corbyn has plenty of form. Only this week, footage was found showing the Labour leader comparing the actions of the Israeli government with the Nazis and appearing to question whether Israel has the right to exist.

Corbyn always gives the same answer when asked about his dealings with some of the most unpleasant people on earth: “The only way we achieve peace is by bringing people together and talking to them,” says Corbyn. But what does he mean by that? Let us choose the example of Northern Ireland where Corbyn had frequent meetings and spoke on numerous platforms with senior members of the murderous IRA. There are no records of meetings with the unionists for one simple reason: Corbyn wanted the IRA to win. And in any event, on whose behalf was Corbyn speaking with the IRA?

When Margaret Thatcher, John Major and Tony Blair tried to end the conflict in Northern Ireland, they did so on behalf of the government. They were not acting out of self-interest. Their governments wanted to see the end of “the troubles”. The likes of Corbyn, shouting and hollering from the backbenches and at public meetings, did literally nothing to bring about peace. They brought no one together in Northern Ireland, as they brought no one together in the Middle East. Corbyn the man of peace is a myth.

Corbyn would be entirely unfit for the office of PM without all this ghastly baggage on the grounds of his complete unsuitability and lack of ability to do the job, but the baggage was always going to come out. While you can question the motives of a right wing pro Tory newspaper, the truth is the press has a duty to present the real Jeremy Corbyn beyond the apparently amiable man of principle.

Labour’s descent into the sewer of anti-Semitism is a by-product of the way its accidental leader has behaved throughout his long and undistinguished political career. The truth will always out and the Mail has only confirmed what we always knew: that Corbyn has a grim and unpleasant past and the views he held then are the same one he holds today. For these reasons and many more I won’t be voting Labour until the hard left plague has been extinguished from Labour.