I have used twitter to tweet things on something like 22,000 occasions. I am not really sure why since most of the stuff is throwaway nonsense and at the expense of doing something more useful. But I am beginning to wonder if the genre has had it’s day.

I complain like the best of them, and indeed the worst. I get irritated by the idiot on the train who plays his iPod too loud and I have to listen to the rhythm from A right the way through to B, without knowing the tune. I tweet about some things I don’t like, too. Just occasionally, I try to tweet something semi-humourous. It doesn’t always work.

The tweeter who most distresses me is the one who moans about everything. I don’t like this person, I don’t like that person. I dislike this person, I hate that one. I don’t like what is going on with X but then I don’t like what’s going on with Y. The traffic is shit here, the buses are shit there. And so it goes on. And on. And on.

I am sure I could do the same. As I write, I am watching the men’s omnium in the Olympic cycling. I am watching it, but I have no idea what is going on. If I cared enough about what was going on, I’d Google it, but I don’t. I am relying on my own eyes and, mainly, the BBC commentators to tell me if Mark Cavendish is going to win. And I am doing other things, like writing stuff and dipping in and out of Bob Harris’s autobiography. And I am enjoying a glass of something red and something Australian.

There is certainly a place for moaning and complaining. Some of Britain’s greatest comedy shows and comedians have been based entirely on whinging. Tony Hancock, Alf Garnett, Victor Meldrew, Les Dawson, Jack Dee to name but a few. They are funny because irony is king. They are the joke, the complainers are the joke. On twitter, too many people, like me, I’m afraid, just moan.

“Oh my God, I have to move my fingers to change channels because BBC1 is going to the main evening news and I need to move to BBC2. Someone should be sacked,” is the gist of it, ignoring the fact that one of the main public service broadcasting remits of the BBC is to provide the news at a set time every day. Is it really that big a deal that I have to switch channels? For God’s sake. Complain about something important.

I wish people would tell me who they do like rather than who they don’t. All right, I do go rather go on about how useless Jeremy Corbyn is, but that is because he is useless. I’m allowed to do that and, of course, being negative is a Great British trait so I should be used to it.

I just don’t happen to share the Daily Mail mindset where everything is broken, nothing works and everything is bad. Sometimes on twitter, I wonder if everyone realises.