Can I say firstly that I disagree with any suggestion that Anjam Choudary be deported to the place of his birth? I know he has been found guilty of a very serious offence but surely he should now be punished accordingly with the longest sentence the judge can come up with? Deporting him would achieve nothing. And anyway, why should the people of Welling, have to put up with him again?

Choudary has been convicted of “inviting others to support the so-called Islamic State” which sounds serious enough to me. The police, who have been after him for years, confirm that his ranting and raving, or lectures and speeches as we are supposed to call them, massively influenced people into committing very serious criminal acts. You don’t believe me? I offer you one Michael Adebolajo, the cowardly killer of Lee Rigby. He marched with Choudary, he was there at his side.

Calling for the flag of islam to be flown over Downing Street, he added: “The Muslims are rising to establish the Sharia… Pakistan, Afghanistan and perhaps, my dear Muslims, Londonistan.” No, Andy. It’s London and it’s not going to happen.

Choudary is not the bomb-maker or the suicide murderer; he’s above all that. He’s the ideas man, posing and posturing in front of the TV cameras.

And there’s Choudary the hypocrite, who drank and womanised his way through University but found Allah soon after. Then he found Omar Bakri Mohammed and things went even further downhill from there. But the sighs that all was not well were evident when he was at Uni. Not only did he drink alcohol, he drank Woodpecker Cider. How on earth did MI5 miss that one? That’s a crime than should be punishable too. Add another ten years.

He didn’t condemn the killers of Lee Rigby, he didn’t condemn the suicide murderers of 7/7, he didn’t condemn the islamic fascists of ISIS.

It took the authorities forever to finally prosecute him with a serious offence because the not so great man always pushed the boundaries and stayed within the law. Not any more.

By the time he comes out, no one will remember who he was which will be a fitting conclusion to a life ill-lived. Goodbye and good riddance to bad rubbish. I’d rather pay my taxes towards keeping him behind bars than by way of social security benefits.