Have you seen the video from a Sheffield school which shows a young boy, who happens to be a Syrian refugee, being bullied by a much bigger boy? The young boy has already suffered from serious bullying, at one stage having his arm broken. Isn’t it time we had a long, hard look at ourselves in the mirror?

What the hell are we turning into? A nation that once welcomed refugees with open arms, giving them shelter, allowing themselves to rebuild their lives, enabling them to contribute to our formerly great country. Now, a young boy comes here, escaping the fascism of President Assad, and what a welcome he gets.

I’m not blaming Brexit on this – although it’s clearly a factor in all the hate that is pouring out of our country – because migrants have had to put up with this kind of stuff for years. And it’s been allowed to continue, even flourish, because of our laissez faire attitude towards it. Migrants bad, stop overseas aid, look after our own first, taking our jobs and, thanks Mr Farage, a large poster of a long line of brown skinned people with the headline ‘Breaking Point’. Oh, and did I mention Theresa May’s odious anti-migration campaign when she was home secretary? They all said it was bad to be a foreigner. So, when a young man, who for all we know is not the sharpest tool in the box, hears what the so called grown ups say is legitimate, why are we surprised when he attacks a younger, smaller boy because he doesn’t look or sound like him?

Jesus Christ: what the hell is wrong with us? Have we never come across someone who has darker skin than us white folk? Did you not enjoy the 2012 Olympics in London when the poster girl was a  black woman from Sheffield and the British double middle distance gold medal winner was someone who was born in Somalia? I don’t know what else to say here. In 2018, some people are judging others by the colour of their skin.

Please tell me how and why we should differentiate between people of different colour skin. How a little boys who comes from Syria is any different from a little girl who comes from Sheffield, or anywhere else? He will be a product of the culture in which he grows up and of how his parents brought him up. The same goes for the halfwitted pea brain who roughed him up. On that point, I feel some sadness for the assailant because he will never be allowed to forget what he has done. He’s just a by-product of the country we have become.

We had been doing so well, until, well you know the year. It became acceptable to be a bigot once more. In the eyes of some, if became fashionable. But it’s different today. Yesterday, the country looked up to Jessica Ennis, today it looks up at Stephen Laxley-Lennon. Christ alone knows who it will look up to tomorrow.