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Watching the river flow

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It is good to read that the 12 year old Warmley boy, Rio Smith, who went swimming in the river at Saltford is recovering from a condition his mother believes may have been caused by sewage. She doesn’t know this for sure, of course, but there’s a fair chance she could be right. My question is this: what on earth was a 12 year old child doing swimming in the river in the first place?

The reports I have read so far do not appear to give us a full picture. Was young Rio all on his own at Saltford? Were his friends with him? Were there any adults present? If there were, why the hell didn’t they tell the children how dangerous it is to swim in the river in Saltford? And if there weren’t, what kind of parent allows their child to wander off for miles not knowing what they are doing?

I did some pretty stupid things when I was 12, but swimming in a river like the one at Saltford was not one of them. I am pretty sure my mother would have been aware of where I was when I went out and would have told me to not dive into the river as it was entirely possible I might drown or catch some kind of disease from human waste or the large number of rodents who are known to live near rivers. And here’s another thing: the river at Saltford is not regarded by the authorities as a safe place in which to swim. There are large signs up reminding people saying just that.

I do not blame the children for doing stupid things because without the advice and guidance of mature parents stupid things are what they will do. But what about parents who are stupid, too?

Well done for Rio’s mum for warning other children of the dangers that can be lurking in a river. Perhaps whilst she’s at it, she might have a look in the mirror?

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