One thing you – well, I – notice these days is how few women bathe topless. It used to be the norm for ladies to reveal their breasts in public. Those who didn’t appeared to be in the minority. No more. Now, modesty prevails. Except with men.

I admit to a certain bias here but I do believe that the male body is far less attractive than the female. Unless you are Daniel Craig, it’s best to hide many of your bits from view. This is not a view shared by an awful lot of men. Or a lot of awful men.

Polishing off my lunch today, I am in a snack bar near the pool. There are two older men with no shirts on. It is wrong on all sorts of levels.

Quite apart from the fact it looks terrible, it’s rude. Despite this being an establishment next to a swimming pool, it’s still somewhere you eat. You just wouldn’t dress, or rather undress, like that in somewhere, shall we say, more formal. Then why do it here? It doesn’t look nice, it’s dirty. Oh, and did I mention it doesn’t look nice. And one of them is singing along with Rod Stewart’s Maggie May.

I am no prude. I have been on plenty of naturist beaches in my time on this earth. But there is a time and a place for everything and indeed nothing. Put simply, I do not want a man’s breasts in my eyeline when I am eating my lunch. Okay? Put them away.