Call me unpatriotic – I’m not, by the way – but I shall not be watching today’s third/fourth place World Cup play off between England and Belgium. There is one simple reason: I couldn’t care less.

The point, for me, is that we are actually out of the tournament, having lost to Croatia on Wednesday night. Despite my disappointment, I had no issues with the result. The best team won. As the team that lost, what on earth is the point of us playing another game? Third place, fourth place: so what? If we win, it still means we won’t have won anything. No one here or abroad will be talking about this game in the years, or even days, to come.

If I watch it, I will only be thinking the usual ‘what if?’ questions. Or, perhaps, we’ll get a thumping and it will reinforce the reasons why we lost in the semi finals. The players will be as ‘up for it’ as they can be, but come on: a part of them will still be devastated and upset about losing out on the chance of making The Big One this Sunday.

I’m afraid for me, football remains about winning and nothing else. Competing to finish third or fourth doesn’t do it for me and it shouldn’t for you, either.