There’s a seriously unpleasant video doing the rounds at the moment, which shows a group of halfwits setting fire to a pretend Grenfell Tower on the annual Guy Fawkes bonfire. Oh, how they must have laughed as they drew little cartoons of people screaming in the burning tower, before they were consumed by the flames. It takes something really special to think that Grenfell was somehow funny.

Or perhaps it is more sinister than that. Perhaps, there is an element of racism with this video. It’s possible since many of the occupants of Grenfell were of foreign extraction. Who, for example, can forget the positively evil poster from the EU referendum fronted by far right leader Nigel Farage, with lines of people with dark skin above the headline which said ‘Breaking point’. Did Farage create an environment that could have enabled such a video to be made? Whether this is a far right video or not, Farage most definitely created that environment which helped set this country on fire.

It could be the kind of people with whom  I associate and spend my life that I knew of no one who found the Grenfell Tower disaster as amusing. On the contrary, everyone I know found it horrible. I don’t know anyone to whom it even occurred that the victims might be dark-skinned. But then, I wouldn’t want to know anyone to whom that did occur.

Why do it is one thing, but put it in the public domain is quite another. There is enough to identify at least one of the miscreants and our journalists will without doubt identify all of them. So they should. They’ll be ridiculed, they might even lose their jobs. They will make excuses. “We were drunk, it was a joke that went too far. Some of my best friends have dark skin. I am so sorry we’ve been found out…er…I am so sorry for what we’ve done.”

The dregs of society, that’s what they are. Their ‘hilarious’ joke at the expense of those who burned to death in Grenfell Tower has deserved backfired and they will spend the rest of their lives dealing with the consequences.

I am not without sin. I have told a good few sick jokes, said more than a few unpleasant sins. But I’ve grown up now. These idiots with their sick joke about Grenfell haven’t grown up. When their names are made public, they’d best do so PDQ.