Have a read of the following excerpt from a Daily Telegraph article today:

“The EU has been plotting for weeks to thwart Theresa May’s plans to secure a deal for British expats in Europe and migrants in the UK.”

Anything odd about it? Seems reasonable enough. A deal for British expats in Europe and migrants in the UK. Marvellous. That’s what we want, isn’t it? Well, hang on. Expats and migrants? What’s the difference?

An expat, in the eyes of Brexiteers, is a good person. He or she is British, which gives her/him a head start anyway. Being British means you are a good person, if you follow the logic of the Telegraph (and most other national newspapers). My dad was an expat living in Canada, my father in law is an expat living in Spain. But my dad’s dad was a migrant from Norway and my mother was a migrant from the Netherlands. This is not the same as being an expat. Migrants are very bad people. Unlike expats, they are not British, they are not like us.

Given the state of British journalism, we cannot be sure that the words used by the Telegraph were not lifted directly from one of Theresa May’s spin doctors. After all, Lynton Crosby, who is running her campaign, ran Zac Goldsmith’s filthy racist mayoral campaign against Sadiq Khan last year. Crosby is not a man of principle the vicar’s daughter Mrs May is no woman of principle. She makes me proud and relieved to be an atheist.

I see our country as nearing a tipping point in terms of nationalism. The decline of the far right Ukip would be more welcome if their ugly agenda had not been taken by the increasingly far right Tory party where Theresa May, who appears more increasingly unhinged by the day, is taking her party. Indeed, May’s Tory party, especially the leaderene herself, is lurching into President Erdogan of Turkey territory. That’s how bad things are getting.

Every day I come across people who are not from this country. Today, I was served in various establishments by a German, an Iranian, a Pole and a Bulgarian. I bought my newspaper from a man who was black. (He is from Hanham but, no doubt, there was a migrant or two in his family history, and certainly not an expat, so he must be a bad person.)

I cannot believe every single Brexiteer is comfortable with the current miserable state of affairs in our country and, actually, the polls show they are not all comfortable with no less than 6% of them supporting Mr Macron in the French presidential election (the other 94% support the fascist candidate Marine Le Pen or don’t know – they don’t know for God’s sake). What a country we live in.

So, it seems the ghastly right wing media does accurately reflect the views of Joe and Josephine Public. Brits who live abroad are loveable expats, foreign people who come here to work are migrants.

With five weeks to go until the general election, things can only get worse. If things are bad now, just think how bad they will be in early June when we don’t see the end of May.

I have never, not even in the darkest years of the Thatcher regime, been so fearful about the future of this country, not for myself but for the generation that will follow. We have brought them into a world where hate is beginning to succeed over love, in a country that is cutting itself off from the rest of the world, riding a wave of ugly nationalism.

When the full effects of Brexit begin to come into effect and people realise what a disaster it will be, we know that cynical politicians like May will blame anyone and everyone except themselves. And at the heart of it all was, is and will be the dislike of foreigners, those wretched migrants. It will be there fault for taking our jobs. If only we could take back control.

The way things are going, Nigel Farage (remember him?) could be remembered as the voice of common sense and moderation, even if the descent into nationalism and racism was almost solely down to him.

No one is saying that Britain is going down the road of Nazi Germany and the 1930s, but with Donald Trump in the White House, Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin, both of whose interests and agendas will be well served as Britain tears itself apart and Europe divides, we are in uncharted waters, at least in Britain.

The genie is out of the bottle and Theresa May, this weak, desperate, populist and wholly out of her depth prime minister has no interest in trying to get it back in again.