The Champagne corks will be popping at the MOD this week following the decision of the government to increase defence spending. No one can doubt the need for the country to be as well defended as possible during a period of increasing worldwide instability but defence spending is in a world of its own.

The big winners will be the burgeoning number of civil servants who already rake in among the best salaries in the public sector. Government pay restraint barely affects MOD staff who are usually rewarded with regular and lucrative promotions, quite unlike almost any other part of the civil service. It’s been very good news for departments like the DWP which has for some years been haemorrhaging jobs because many staff have simply switched departments and found themselves far better off. What has happened at the MOD is almost the exact opposite of what is happening almost everywhere else.

Some of the big winners are those who were given exit packages. MOD top brass let too many of them go and have re-employed a good number of them as “consultants”, doing much the same jobs as they did before but for £400 a day, in addition to their pay offs and pensions. Add the generous recruitment and retention payments enjoyed by many staff and you have a gravy train that is further away from the buffers than ever.

So much for David Cameron’s laughable claims that his government has sorted out the “black hole” that was the MOD because his government has thrown more money into it than the last lot (which was also far too much). It always amazes me that the bean counters and pen pushers enjoy vastly better pay and conditions than the armed forces themselves but this appears to be a country that worships bureaucracy, at least in one government department.

My advice to you if you are a civil servant is to seek a transfer to the MOD. You will be far better treated and rewarded than you are in your current department, you will not need to worry about government pay restraint and you will not be stressing about job losses because the MOD continues to recruit like there’s no tomorrow.

Nice work if you can get it.