The Friday Music Shuffle (5.1.24)

New Year Special

by Rick Johansen

Welcome, my friends, to the show that never ends. Unfortunately, perhaps. Anyway, the Friday music shuffle is back for 2024 and once more you can enjoy a random shuffle from my music device where even I don’t know what’s coming next. Yes, ten tunes, all of which you can listen and sing along to. Just click on the song title.

I hope you find summat, as we say in Bristol, that you like. Let’s rock!

  1. She’s My Friend by Fun Lovin’ Criminals. Back 23 years for this belter from the band’s LP Loco.
  2. Side Boob by Albert Hammond Jr. The Strokes axeman with a lovely joint from 2015’s Momentary Masters. Fun fact: I own more albums by Albert than I do of the Strokes.
  3. Everybody by Madonna. Incredibly, this track is 41 years old and comes from Madge’s eponymously titled LP. Possibly not peak Madonna.
  4. Here We Go by Joe Walsh. Fantastic track from the great man’s finest album, Barnstorm, released in 1972. If you love rock music, you need this record.
  5. What Did I Ever Do To You by The Hives. From 2023’s magnificent The Death Of Randy Fitzsimmons, this just reminds me of what a twat I was for not getting tickets to the Swedish chaps’ upcoming gig at the Bristol Academy.
  6. Walking A Vanishing Line by Jason & the Scorchers. And it’s back to 1996 for this belter from the wonderful Clear Impetuous Morning.
  7. Spitting Venom by Modest Mouse. Brilliant stuff from 2007’s We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank, made even more perfect by the presence of the great Johnny Marr.
  8. Hey Tonight by Creedence Clearwater Revival. Classic John Fogerty from 1970’s excellent Pendulum LP.
  9. Dirt by DJ Format Feat Abdominal. Such a great joint from 2017’s Still Hungry LP.
  10. Hold On by Kansas. And finally, it’s back to 1980 for some prog rock royalty and a joint from the excellent Audio-Visions.

This week’s Desert Island Disc is the exciting number four tune Here We Go by Joe Walsh.

I hope you enjoyed that little playlist. For what it’s worth – not a lot – I loved it.

Have a good week ’til next week.

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