The Friday Music Shuffle (3.11.23)

November Special

by Rick Johansen

Hi grapple fans and welcome to the Friday Music Shuffle. It’s that exciting time of the week when my music device chooses ten random tracks from my collection and I tell you what it’s chosen.

You can listen to each song by clicking on the title. I hope you find something you like.

Yer goes, as we might say in Bristol.

  1. But, Honestly by Foo Fighters. Back in the old days, Dave Grohl occasionally liked to sing rather than shout and scream as he prefers to do these days. This is from 2007’s EchoesSilencePatience & Grace. 
  2. Look Through Any Window by The Hollies. Back to 1966 we go for this old classic.
  3. Takin’ It Back by Toto. From the band’s first album, Toto, in 1978 featuring, unusually, a Steve Porcaro vocal.
  4. Byzantine 1 by Xaos. I accept that this song takes some listening. This is what happens when your desire to hear new music finds new extremes. From 2016’s Xaos (Chaos) album. Loves it, mind. Greek, innit?
  5. Fast Kitten by Albert Hammond Jr. A cracker from the Strokes’ man’s 2023 long player Melodies on Hiatus. Love the bloke.
  6. Trampled Under Foot by Led Zeppelin. Great ‘live’ version of the 1975 LP Physical Graffiti joint, recorded at the 02 in London in 2007 and appearing on – had enough years, yet? – 2012’s Celebration Day.
  7. Born To Be Wild by Blue Oyster Cult. Back we go to 1975 and this ‘live’ cover of the Steppenwolf classic from the great On Your Feet Or On Your Knees. One of the great ‘live’ albums.
  8. Burning Wheel by Primal Scream. Jesus – this is from 1997’s excellent Vanishing Point album. Can’t believe it was that long ago.
  9. Raspberry Beret by Prince. Absolutely fucking brilliant.
  10. Academy Award by Jo Jo Gunne. Older listeners may recall the band’s 1972 hit single Run Run Run, which hailed from their eponymous debut album of the same year, as does this rocker. Great band.

This weeks’ exciting Desert Island Disc is the number ten track, Academy Award by Jo Jo Gunne.

Have a good week ’til next week.



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