The Friday Music Shuffle (29.12.23)

Final shuffle of 2023 special!

by Rick Johansen

Good afternoon grapple fans and welcome to the final music shuffle of 2023. Ten songs from my collection, chosen completely at random by my music device. I tell you what it’s chosen and to listen, or even sing along, all you need do is to just click on the title.

I hope you find something you like!

  1. Empire Line by The National. I was very late to the party with this band but I am very glad I finally got there. This from 2017’s Sleep Well Beast.
  2. Thought I Was A Spaceman by Blur. The band’s recent music has been some of the best – the best IMHO – of their career and this beauty from 2015’s The Magic Whip is right up there.
  3. Teenage Love Affair by Rick Derringer. Christ above – from 50 years ago, a cracking track from the famed axeman’s All American Boy LP.
  4. Love Machine by The Miracles. The Miracles without the great Smokey Robinson shouldn’t really work, but this is a belter of track. It’s from 1975’s City Of Angels.
  5. Victory Is Won by Santana. This is from the great man’s 2002 long player Shaman and it’s up there with his very best music.
  6. Desperation by Paulo Nutini. Well, I love the wonderful Paulo, not least this banger from 2022’s Last Night In The Bittersweet album.
  7. Motown Junk by Manic Street Preachers. A ‘bonus’ track on the remastered edition of the band’s 1992 debut Generation Terrorists. Raw for sure but more than a hint of the greatness to follow.
  8. Too Much Rain by Carole King. Gorgeous joint from 1971’s Music, featuring a certain James Taylor on guitar.
  9. Travelin’ On by Kongos. From the band’s 2012 album Lunatic. The four sons of legend John Kongos, who gave us He’s Gonna Step On You Again, only to see it later trashed by the Happy Fucking Mondays with their miserable Step On.
  10. Good Rockin’ Tonight by Montrose. Brilliant cover of the Roy Brown classic that has been covered by countless artists from Elvis to Springsteen to Pat Boone to Paul McCartney, but none as good as this. From the band’s eponymous debut album released in 1973, IMHO, the greatest rock album ever. There. I said it.

I hope you enjoyed that. I certainly did. The final Desert Island Disc of 2023 is the exciting number 10 song, Good Rockin’ Tonight by Montrose. Rock and roll never sounded better.

Happy New Year and have a good week ’til next week!

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