The Friday Music Shuffle (12.1.24)

Bleak midwinter special

by Rick Johansen

Good afternoon, grapple fans, and welcome to the Friday Music Shuffle. According to the meteorological calendar, we’re nearly halfway through winter – spring begins on 1st March, remember – and there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, even though I can’t see it through this morning’s gloom. Anyway, enough weather, let’s hear some music.

It’s Friday and time for the shuffle. Ten songs from my collection, chosen at random by my music device. I tell you what it’s chosen and you can listen, or even sing, along by clicking on the title.

I hope you find something you like.

  1. Greece 2000 by Three Drives. How about some trance to start the shuffle? 25 year old trance. Magic.
  2. Jetsex by Tonto’s Expanding Head Band. And it’s back to 1971 for what some would describe as “an acquired taste”. From Zero Time, an album I bought just last week.
  3. Breaking The Law (alternative version) by Emili Sandé. This is from Ms Sandé’s excellent 2012 long player Our Version of Events.
  4. Hopeless Friend by Graham Coxon. Great stuff from the Blur man’s fine 2004 solo LP Happiness in Magazines.
  5. Little Willy by The Sweet. Great how The Sweet did a song about me back in 1972. Very good chune but as ever the voices are way too high in the mix, which was always my big complaint about the band.
  6. III by Foster the People. Lovely tune, even if the words are about about some God nonsense or other.
  7. Dear Chicago by Ryan Adams. Gorgeous tune from 2002’s Demolition LP.
  8. Shadow Captain by Crosby, Stills and Nash. From their brilliant eponymously titled LP of 1977, this was a David Crosby/Craig Doerge song featuring CSN’s beautiful harmonies.
  9. Eventually by Tame Impala. Back to 2015 for a great joint from the band’s Currents LP.
  10. You Were Right by Badly Drawn Boy. I absolutely adore Damon Gough, AKA Badly Drawn Boy, who once did a national tour of fish and chip shops, including the Magnet (RIP) in Bedminster, Bristol. This from 2002’s Have You Fed The Fish? album.

Was that an eclectic mix, or what? I do hope you listened along with me.

This week’s Desert Island Disc is the exciting number ten song You Were Right by Badly Drawn Boy. Did I mention how much I adore Damon Gough? I may have done.

Thanks for listening in. Have a good week ’til next week.

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