It didn’t take long. “Paris Jihadis got in as fake refugees” screams the Mail on Sunday. It adds that a Syrian passport was found near the remains of one of the suicide murderers. Hold your nose and look at the Mail’s website: you could be forgiven for thinking that every single refugee from Syria is actually a potential murderer. Do you know who will be thrilled to read the Mail today? ISIS. The hateful populist newspaper of the hard right is doing a far better job for ISIS than a million Mohammed Emwazis could ever do. Well done, Lord Rothermere.

Forget for one moment that the real reason for the mass movement of Syrians is actually because of ISIS itself, which is the reality, the truth. Plant a seed in people’s minds that, actually, by taking in refugees we are letting in more terrorists. Actually, we may be. ISIS would have no compunction in slipping in, unnoticed, with the overwhelming majority of terrified people who are escaping tyranny and barbarism. If it turns out, and we don’t know yet, that one or more of the terrorists was indeed a fake refugee, what has changed? Do people really believe that Friday’s atrocity would not have happened without recent joiners from Syria? Get real. 7/7 and Madrid did not involve fake refugees. Of course it could have happened, but it changes nothing.

Friday was meant to terrify us. That’s the whole point of terrorism, how it got its name. The terrorist hates our way of life and will do anything to undermine and change it. Calm hearts and heads are needed, not the knee-jerk hysteria of the red tops. The Mail and the Express employ incendiary headlines, mainly to sell papers, but they also serve the purpose of the terrorist. If we are now frightened to venture out on our streets – the Express says the SAS is now on every street in the land, so be afraid if you see man old lady cycling to church this morning: she is probably a close relative of Andy McNab – then then the terrorist has won.

Do you know what ISIS would love most of all? Revenge attacks on local muslims, attacks on mosques, to make us really believe that every refugee is, in fact, a suicide murderer. They know they cannot bring about this level of chaos themselves; they need help and in the form of the popular newspapers – even so called serious papers like the Sunday Times are, unwittingly perhaps, aiding and abetting the terrorists.

Stay calm, people. I fear things will get worse in the coming years and we will do ourselves no favours to lay blame on each and every person who is escaping islamic fascism. We need hope, not hate. ISIS do not want us to have any hope at all and rich newspaper barons will make more money from scare stories than they will from steady reflection. Just remember that when you next hear or read about someone who blames desperate refugees for evil terrorism. Bad people will always do bad things but most people aren’t bad; far from it.