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The Civil Service union from North Korea

1 Comment 16 October 2014

The Civil Service union from North Korea

Another day and another one day strike in the Civil Service.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

The Civil Service has been under a relentless attack since the Conservatives weren’t elected in 2010, although thanks to the Liberal Democrats they govern as if they were.

Government departments, with the exception of the ever-growing MOD, have found themselves pared to the bone. The cuts have gone well beyond mere flesh.

Wages have been held back for even longer than that to the extent that many civil servants have suffered pay cuts of around 20%.

Our public sector workers are hardly alone in seeing their wages being devalued. Private sector staff are in exactly the same boat, the self-employed have been squeezed like never before. We’re certainly all in it together.

The Civil Service Union PCS is a one trick pony. Run by many of the 57 varieties of Trotskyism, its answer to everything is one day strikes. One in spring around union election time, another in the summer and one in the autumn. Some trick. If the Trots thought they could get staff out in even longer strikes they would. This time it calls a one day strike to call for a pay rise at least six months before negotiations are even due to begin.

Many in PCS are sick and tired of the way the union has been hijacked to the point of no return and are even looking at forming alternative unions.

One union official, Howard Fuller, is secretary of a branch in London and he also runs a personal blog called Howie’s Corner which discusses a wide variety of issues and occasionally matters relating to PCS.

Howard published a guest post on his blog from a much respected HMRC colleague who is looking to form a new union now that PCS has headed off on the road to revolutionary politics and guess what? PCS General Secretary Mark Serwotka has instructed him to remove it. Yes. The General Secretary of a union has instructed an individual to remove something from his own personal website because, horror upon horror, he doesn’t agree with it!

Knowing the PCS rule book as I don’t, I still believe there are major implications behind Serwotka’s demand because if Howard does not bow down to union bullying, he could face disciplinary sanctions that could result in suspension or even expulsion. And don’t bet against it. The union is completely controlled by the hard left in branches, at conference, on almost all the executive committees within the union and amongst paid full time officials. Howard is being faced down by a behemoth.

Serwotka and his cronies must not be allowed to get away with this rank intimidation. Whether he likes the possibility of other unions being formed or not does not, or rather should not, give him the right to deny free speech to others.

The government must love dealing with a union like PCS. It must be so easy to ignore them and dismiss them as being nothing more than an extreme left wing political party posing as a union.

PCS is too far gone to save it. There is no alternative and thanks to the rules and structures of the union there can be no changes.

If I was still a member, I’d be supporting realistic alternatives to PCS.

The union now is as democratic as the North Korean government. It can’t go on like this.

Give Serwotka a gun and he will always end up shooting himself in the foot.

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  1. Dave says:

    This is certainly true to an extent. PCS seems content to push one day strike after one day strike that even some members are becoming tired of it. Of course, the strike does not affect those employed by PCS as they don’t lose a day’s pay!

    There is also no open platform to discuss PCS objectively as, heaven forbid somebody should speak out against something they don’t like within this “democratic” Union.

    This deep-seated backing and loyalty (amongst PCS staff and some members) to Mark and the way way PCS does things is very much a parallel to North Korea.

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