As a self-imposed exile from Bristol Rovers, you might think, with some justification, that I have no right to an opinion on what the run out tune should be, but what the hell? It’s my website and I can say what I want, no matter how absurd it might appear to everyone else.

When the club returned from a different exile, this one in Bath, a few of us strongly urged the club to adopt the Thin Lizzy tune “The Boys Are Back In Town” and play it as the team entered the field of play. For us, it just seemed so right. It was not contrived, like the bonkers use of Pirates of the Caribbean some years later. The boys really were back in town.

Run out tunes are a problem because they sort of happen. You cannot make a definitive choice, or put the decision out to tender. Something clicks, whether it happens to be You’ll Never Walk Alone or the theme from Z Cars. Bristol Rovers have still not got a proper run out/walk out tune, but for next season it is very obvious to me: “The Boys Are Back In Town”.

This is surely how Gasheads will feel. After a catastrophic relegation to the Conference, the club is back in the Football League, albeit still a division lower than it should be. There is the small matter of momentum too. Crowds go up when a club enjoys a renaissance and that, with knobs on, is what has happened to the Rovers.

Yes, I know that the run out tune is minor in the grand scheme of things, but it is also symbolic. We know what the run out tune at most clubs is going to be, but we struggle at what it might be at the Gas. I am not struggling anymore: it is obvious what the run out tune should be next season and for every season thereafter.

Buy that Thin Lizzy CD and let’s take this golden opportunity to give Bristol Rovers a proper run out tune. You know it makes sense.