This wouldn’t have been possible a few years ago, putting all your music on a small but powerful computer, calling it a telephone and then pressing ‘shuffle’ to allow it to play songs in whichever order it likes. Especially down here, just off Africa, where of course I blessed the rains.

Anyway, on our last full day under the Canarian sun, here is my weekly music shuffle.

  1. What Kind Of Fool Am I? by Sammy Davis Jnr. Co-written by the great Anthony Newley who still, to my mind, does the best version, but this is still lovely.
  2. The Meadow by Laura Veirs. Absolutely beautiful from her 2018 album The LookOut.
  3. Purple Rain by Prince. Need I say more?
  4. Tu Amor Ya Sabe by Fonseca. Some Colombian pop from the lad’s album Illusion.
  5. She’s Gone by Hall and Oates. Classic blue-eye soul from Dazza and John.
  6. I Got A Rock by Graham Nash. Not Graham’s finest hour, this. Generic 1980s mush.
  7. October Road by James Taylor. From his October Road album, oddly enough. And lovely.
  8. Cafe Del Mar by Domination. If anyone asks you what the Cafe Del Mar feels like after sunset, play them this.
  9. Morning Has Broken by Cat Stevens. Lovely cover of an old hymn from Cat’s 1971 long player Teaser and the Firecat. An uncredited Rick Wakeman plays piano.
  10. Intuition by Hall and Oates. And finally, it’s those blue-eyes again, this time from their Do It For Love album. Such class.

That’s all, folks!