It’s time for the Friday morning iPod music shuffle that none of you were waiting for!

1. Your Love Is Good by Sheila B Devotion. It’s Nile Rodgers, innit?

2. What’s your version? by Groove Armada. From Soundboy Rock, you’d probably not guess it was them. I listened to this on a sun bed in Greece last year and it was the right tune to wash over me.

3. Fall Together by Weezer. You certainly would guess this was Weezer, right from the opening bar, actually. Maladroit is the album.

4. Planet of Visions by Kraftwerk. This is ‘live’ on the ‘Minimum Maximium’ album. I mean, you’d never know it was ‘live’ apart from the crowd noises now and then. Still think they’re pretty state of the art, mind.

5. Rock Love by Todd Rundgren. ‘Live’ again from the Nearly Human tour. A wizard, a star, a true innovator.

6. Vegetables (promo) by the Beach Boys. A bizarre promo clip from the Hawthorne album, which is full of bizarre clips.

7. So fast, so numb by REM. Yet another ‘live’ track from the – surprise, surprise! – REM live album. Pretty average TBH.

8. Doolin Dalton by the Eagles. A frantic duelling banjos version of this tune from the legendary Desperado album.

9. U Sure Do by Strike. You’ll know it when you hear it, especially you young clubbers.

10. When the levee breaks by Led Zeppelin. Nuff said.