Hi pop pickers! The working week is coming to an end – well, mine came to an end on Wednesday, but you know what I mean! – and I’m going to let my iPod choose a selection of tunes for a Friday morning. And here we go:

1. Tell Me by Boston. Overblown, dated, over-produced rock from across the pond. Not their finest three minutes or however long it is, but I’d recognise the guitar work of Tom Scholz anywhere!

2. Brite Nightgown by Donald Fagen. A bouncy little jazz-lite number all about death from the Steely Dan man’s Morph the Cat long player.
“I dreamed I had a fever
I was pushin’ one-oh-three
My mom’s all upset – cryin’ by my bedside
Everybody’s prayin’ for me
I hear a scratchin’ at the window
I somehow twist myself around
I realize I’m eyes to eyes
With the fella in the Brite Nitegown”

3. Sleeping Ute by Grizzly Bear. According to Wikipedia (sot it must be true) the band’s style is “psychedelic pop, folk rock, and experimental, and is dominated by the use of vocal harmonies.” Whatever. The drummer is called Christopher Bear which proves what a great band they are.

4. There’s a space between us by Carole King. From her Thoroughbred record, this gorgeous tune also features James Taylor, David Crosby and Graham Nash, plus the usual stellar backing musicians like Leland Sklar, Danny Kortchmar, Russ Kunkel and JD Souther.

5. Porpoise Song by the Wondermints. From the Wonderful World of the Wondermints, this is a cover of the Monkees somewhat psychedelic song from their Head album. A big improvement on the original.
Get these lyrics:
“Riding the backs of giraffes for laughs is alright for a while
The ego sings of castles and kings and things
That go with a life of style.”

Yeah, man. (Slowly inhales.)

6. Strangefolk by Kula Shaker. This one is absolutely crackers, with a female Stephen Hawking-type gobbledegook narration throughout.

7. Ambulance by Blur. Think Tank one of many career highlights for Mr Albarn. Few tunes as good as this one.

8. Stolen Flaming Heart by Xaos. From the astonishing Xaos (Chaos) album, this is Greek music but not as we know it.

9. Lay Down Burden by Brian Wilson. Achingly beautiful tribute from Brian to his recently deceased brother Carl, from the much better than expected Imagination album.

10. We Walk by the Ting Tings. A one trick pony band but this is okay.