Here’s what you haven’t been waiting for all week, my Friday morning random iPod shuffle.

1. Times Like These by Jack Johnson. Hawaii’s finest in action here, doubled-tracked as usual. You could say his stuff is a bit samey and that’s because it is. Good though. On and On is the record.

2. 24 by Jem. An okay track from Jem’s Finally Woken record. Nothing special though and in the ‘could be deleted soon’ category.

3. Musical Blaze-up (Rug N Tug Bitches Remix) by the Wild Rumpus. From a little known Balearic Beach Sessions record I have, so a bit of Ibiza.

4. Star by David Bowie. Well, it’s on The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust, so it’s obviously wonderful.

5. Like A Prayer by Madonna. From the album Like A Prayer – who knew?

6. Colour The World by Sash. It’s the German DJ chap.

7. I’m Movin’ On by John Kay. This chap is the lead singer of Steppenwolf and he was once Born to be wild!

8. Scraped by Guns N’Roses. Not a good morning, this. Bang average track from a less than the bang average Chinese Democracy.

9. Heartbreaker by the Bee Gees. You’ll know Dionne Warwick’s version but this is the brothers’ Gibb version. All breathy Barry and lush harmonies.

10. The Rock Show by Blink 182. Jolly enough stuff from the Blink boys.