One of the things you develop when writing for a blog is a thick skin. In my case, the thick skin is a decent accompaniment to my thick head.

Most of the comments are pleasant and I have approved all of them so far, except the blatant spam ones (actually including one, but that’s neither here nor there). But being told my blog is ‘shit’ and ‘inane’ by a Duran Duran fan alerts my irony detector! It’s all about opinions anyway. My latest critic writes a turgid, pseudo-intellectual food blog, but that’s just what I think.

The world of cyberspace is a very different one from the one in which I grew up. When I was young, there was little alternative but to say something to someone’s face or not say anything at all. Nowadays, you can say pretty well anything you like from behind a cloak of anonymity or semi-anonymity, safe in the knowledge that there’s little people can do about it.

There seem to be far more bullies out there than ever before, although the bullies of my younger day could usually back it up in a social situation. Those today dish it out and then retreat to the safety of their keyboard!

I quite like Facebook because there is a strong element of control, as there is to a lesser extent with twitter but there are other, more sinister, sites out there which have affected and even ended young lives.

Whilst there are more bullies and macho men out there, it’s mainly powder-puff stuff and there is evidence to suggest there are less perverts out there these days, despite the opportunities afforded to them by the internet.

The evil paedophiles, the sick cyber perverts; they’re all far more threatening than someone who doesn’t like someone else’s blog and whilst the information superhighway is a wonderful opportunity, we also need to maintain our guard.

Anyway, thank you for your views, all of them.