If anyone is still in doubt, we now know for sure that Jeremy Corbyn is a liar. During PMQs today in the House of Commons, he called Theresa May a “stupid woman”. Laughably and stupidly, Corbyn denies what is blindingly obvious and pretends he actually said “stupid people”. Not only is Corbyn an enabler of anti-Semitism, he is a liar. Not an unusual look for a politician, but a bad one for someone who pretends he stands for a “new kind of politics”.

Personally, the thing that Corbyn denies saying, but clearly said, is not far from the truth. May is incredibly stupid and she’s a woman. So far, so accurate. I’ve called her far worse, not on the grounds of her sex, but on the grounds of her breathtaking ineptitude. May is a prime minister without parallel in the sense that I have never seen anyone remotely as bad as her.

It says as much about Corbyn’s judgement as his honesty that he denies calling May a stupid woman. It would have been far easier to make a half-arsed apology pretty well straight away and that might have been the end of it. Corbyn failed to follow the golden rule that should always be followed: when you are digging yourself into a hole, then stop digging.

Corbyn has a notoriously short temper and a macho attitude to women, two ugly traits that often combine to present him as the bully he is. That he plainly lost his temper (again) and managed to utter the words “stupid woman” when May said something stupid and then pretended he never said it, showed him up for what and who he is.

Liars dominate our politics in the UK. Corbyn has again emerged as a liar, May has made an art form out of lying. May may well be a stupid woman but then Corbyn is a stupid man. What a pair.