I had a few minutes of fame again today. I say again because in the 1993/94 football season, I appeared on Radio Five in their Fantasy Football League show as an ordinary fan. I was so ordinary that I came second to Nick Hancock. And I got paid!

Today was far more relaxing. I was a guest on Steve Lamacq’s afternoon show on BBC 6 Music.

Some weeks ago, I decided that I should try to get on Steve’s Good Day, Bad Day section where he gets a listener to outline their music life, first single bought, first album, first gig, best gig and a little bit about him/her. To my surprise, I was contacted by the station and invited to submit my selections. They went down well and today I was booked to appear on Thursday’s show.

Imagine my surprise when I got a call to say they wanted me to be a late substitute today because of problems trying to get hold of the booked guest.

This was probably a good thing as I had less time to panic so at 4.45, Steve’s producer called me and put me on with strict instructions not to swear! Obviously, he was not familiar with my vast radio experience!

I waited on the line and then I was talking with Steve about my first records bought, first gigs attended, best gig seen, my obsession with backstage passes and my songs for a Good Day and a Bad Day!

If I had a bad day, my song would have been Someday Soon by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young which was on their Looking Forward album, something I chose for my mum’s funeral (“Someday soon you will finally get some rest”) but as it had been a good day – I started another part time job and played a losing game of golf in heaps of mud – I chose a song called ‘Never gonna leave you alone’ from Joe Vitale’s brilliant ‘Plantation Harbour’ album which I hope you all now go out and buy.

I also hope you go out and buy the album I am listening to at the moment which is by the North Atlantic Explorers and is called ‘My father was a sailor’. Sadly, Steve didn’t have time for the ‘what are you listening to at the moment’ segment but this album is it. Glenn D’Cruze wrote this album about his dad who was a sailor, like mine. And he was born in the late 1920s, like mine. And the family lived in Bristol at one time, like mine. And his dad died a few years ago, like mine. The music is deeply atmospheric and incredibly powerful. Every line resonates with me. Someday soon I am going to meet Glenn and talk about stuff. Did our dads know each other? We can’t ask them now. We must have so much in common. The music is there for everyone though and it is my album of 2014.

Steve told me off air that he would love to have a beer next time he is in Bristol. That’ll do with me. I have loved the man’s shows for years and I put him at the very top of music-minded presenters of this generation. His show on 6 Music that I was privileged to appear on tonight is the best music show anywhere at the moment.

My latest few minutes of fame, accompanied by shameless plugging on social networks, is over again and it was fun while it lasted.

I am very lucky to have had the honour of being on the show and it once again proves the old adage that if you don’t ask, you don’t get.