So Nicola Sturgeon really is no different from any other cynical politician. The leader of the rebranded left wing SNP forgot to mention that whilst attending a meeting with the Wall Street Journal (prop. R Murdoch), the Dirty Digger himself joined in. When declaring who she met during his stay in the USA, she somehow forgot to mention Murdoch was one of them. Well, just fancy that!

This couldn’t be, could it, the same Nicola Sturgeon who said the Scottish Sun was “sexist” when it mocked up a picture of her dressed as Miley Cyrus, or indeed the same Nicola Sturgeon whose party was backed by Scottish Sun in May’s General Election? And whatever you do, avoid calling her a hypocrite for accusing her former leader Alex Salmond as making a “mistake” for suffering similar amnesia regarding his many undeclared meetings with Murdoch.

We all know that the Scottish Sun wanted the SNP to obliterate Labour in Scotland, but for the Tories to win in the rest of Britain to enable Cameron to win a majority, and I suppose Sturgeon and co were cute enough to realise what was going on. Like “New Labour”, the SNP were grateful for Murdoch’s support. But courting Murdoch was one of the ugliest parts of the Blair era, as was Brown’s futile sucking up to the Daily Mail because you will one day reap what you sew.

I liked an awful lot of what the last Labour government achieved. The thing I didn’t like was that they didn’t go far enough regarding redistribution and fairness and they had long enough to do it. But I didn’t like the fact that they curried favour with, in my opinion, the most odious man in the world’s media. And I don’t see how you can view the SNP’s dealings with Sturgeon and Salmond, in particular, without feeling deep cynicism.

I don’t think Sturgeon fooled anyone in Scotland at the election. I would never dream of suggesting that it was the Scottish Sun “wot won it” north of the border. The Scots were ready for change and they sure as hell wanted to punish the other main parties, but especially Labour, for taking them for granted and using them as voting fodder. But I think that this brave new world of the Scot Nats is no such thing. It’s the same old politics, same old favours, same old political establishment and make no mistake that the SNP are firmly part of the establishment. Murdoch wouldn’t be so pally with them if they weren’t.