Well done, yet again, to the Daily Mail for bringing to us more vital news. And the news is that the Chancellor of the Excheqeur George Osborne flew to America with his son to watch the Superbowl. Big deal, you might think. So what? But the Superbowl is only sponsored by Google, that’s all. Still, I say: so what?

The alleged story here is that HMRC has negotiated what most of us would suggest is a piffling amount of back tax from Google and Osborne has attended an event sponsored by them. Yes. And? By the same token, then; are we going to expose those who watched the game on telly? “Fancy watching a sporting event sponsored by a bunch of tax dodgers? Disgusting. Anyway, I’m off to watch Bristol Rovers who play in a league sponsored by a Rupert Murdoch owned betting company. I’m sticking with my principles, you see!”

There are plenty of reasons for attacking Osborne. He has been a terrible chancellor, forever missing his financial targets and inflicting misery on the poor whilst making the rich, people like himself, richer. But then, just last May, the Great British Public had the opportunity to speak about the direction of the country and enough of them voted to return Osborne and his pals to government, this time without the useful idiots of the Liberal Democrats. I do not like Osborne and I resent the fact he keeps saying “we’re all in it together” when he is a multimillionaire who spends more on private school fees than many of us earn in our jobs, but, again, he is doing nothing wrong. We, as a society, have accepted that some people are going to be rich and some are going to be poor and we have long accepted that rich people are free to send their children to fee paying schools.

If the story had been “Rich bloke takes son to Superbowl” it would have been a case of move along, nothing to see here, but the Mail invented the Google aspect which, unless Osbourne enjoyed their hospitality and they paid for his flights and accommodation, is irrelevant.