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Over a long time ago

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Over a long time ago

I’m too tired to write anything coherent tonight (so no change there, then). A bit of a mental health dip this week, combined with another mental health assessment, has drained me not just of much of my mental energy but most of my physical energy, too. Funny old bugger, this black dog chap.

I make no reference of my current professional life on either my blog or social networks, other than to say that now I am in a safe place, free of bullies and abusers. Although I am functioning in life at a very low level, I am functioning enough to get by. I can do my job properly, I am occasionally of limited use at home. Of course, I always had the support at home and from my friends. Having it at work is revelatory. No more spiteful attempts at micromanagement, no more lies being told about me, no more picking apart of everything I do, no more forcing me to sign documents alleging I said things which I never said, no threats of disciplinary action for non existent breaches of the rules, no lengthy periods of abuse from one senior manager in particular. That’s just a small part of my story which, given no apology appears to be forthcoming, may have to be told. But not now.

I have to work again tomorrow and this time I am looking forward to it. Not long ago I was dreading going to work. Those days have gone.

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