£4,198.39! That’s how much Bristol Rovers fans raised in just a couple of hours for our very favourite Bristol City supporter Oskar Pycroft. The boy’s guts and spirit know no bounds and to brave a packed Memorial Stadium wearing red: now that takes some doing. Oh, it doesn’t really. I can guarantee that every single Gashead loved the fact that Oskar showed his true colours at the Old Enemy’s place!

It’s all moved up a gear today with a whole bunch of famous people retweeting this wonderful story. So far today, the comedian Paddy McGuiness, the legendary Southampton player Matt Le Tissier, Tubes (who?), Tom Parker Bowles, Christopher Biggins and the Shadow Secretary of State for Health Andy Burnham MP have told even more people about Oskar. Things can only get better. I am steering away from politics 100%, but to get a retweet from the man who shadows the Department of Health in parliament is surely massive for this campaign and for every other Oscar who is out there. The money Oskar needs is, surely, a pittance in the grand scheme of things so I would ask how on earth anyone could decide that it wasn’t worth our money – that’s our money, Mr Politican, not yours – to give this little chap a chance, his only chance, to walk? Put a word in, Mr Burnham.

Oskar’s family, our friends, neighbours and rivals in the red side of town, the good citizens of Bristol, from further afield and now the supporters of Bristol Rovers, led by the inspirational Nick Day, have created an unstoppable momentum which, I am certain, will raise the required money and enable this vital operation to take place.

We need to see this cheeky chappy to walk into the Memorial Stadium in a few years time, hopefully to cheer on his beloved Bristol City, though not to win, obviously. Now that would be taking friendliness too far!

Anyone who thinks this country is broken can now think again. When the people speak, things happen and things get done.

I now hear that Bristol City supporting comedian (is there any other kind of City supporter?) Mark Watson has now retweeted Oskar’s story to 152k followers and Lee Dixon to £376k.

Do the maths, guys. This total can be reached very soon. Let’s do it.