Tanveer Ahmed doesn’t seem to be a particularly nice man. The 32 year old from Bradford says he murdered Glasgow shopkeeper Asad Shah because he claimed to be a prophet. You can understand that, can’t you, because in every corner shop there is someone who claims to be a prophet.

It seems also that Mr Shah was the wrong sort of Muslim, whatever that is supposed to mean. He was an Ahmadi Muslim which means absolutely nothing to me, but does suggest a modicum of psychopathic behaviour on behalf of his murderer whom, I might respectlessly suggest, made up the prophet stuff up in the first place.

All sorts of religions are the wrong ones from my point of view with absolutely no exceptions. But the statement read in court by Ahmed’s lawyer is priceless. I quote a small section of it: “Asad Shah disrespected the messenger of Islam the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Mr Shah claimed to be a Prophet. When 1400 years ago the Prophet of Islam Muhammad peace be upon him has clearly said that ‘I am the final messenger of Allah there is no more profits (sic) or messengers from God Allah after me.” Now, I don’t know quite how accurate the Quran is time wise – probably as accurate as the Old and New Testaments, which aren’t very accurate at all – but even if a local shopkeeper really did claim to be a prophet, I am not sure Ahmed had the right to murder him. As I keep saying, this is a free country and we have the right to insult and be insulted.

Perhaps, the reference to ‘profits’ wasn’t a mistake after all and Tanveer was jealous that he wasn’t doing quite so well financially as a much-loved gentleman who worked his butt off for his business and his community.

Tanveer is not yet guilty in the eyes of the law since he has only made a confession and not be tried by a court, but it’s not looking too good for him.

There are too many people dying because there are too many gods, All of us are atheist about most gods that were ever invented. Some of us go one god further.