I am not surprised that the shadow home secretary Dianne Abbott – and just imagine her as the real home secretary: oh dear! – has complained about police officers knocking moped thieves/thugs off their bikes. “Knocking people off bikes is potentially very dangerous. It shouldn’t be legal for anyone,” tweets Abbott. “Police are not above the law”. I have to ask: whose side is she on, then?

In many areas of London, moped crime is at epidemic levels. People from all walks of life are being terrorised by these criminals. The police, in some instances, have employed the tactic of ramming the offenders. Yes, it’s “potentially very dangerous”, Ms Abbott, but as long as police officers don’t get injured, who cares?

If the police act proportionately, within the law, which is something Abbott probably doesn’t understand, then they are not above the law. I have never met nor come across a copper who feels they are above the law. Their job, the last time I looked, was to uphold the law.

In this instance, the moped criminals can make their own decisions. Desist from moped crime or face the consequences when the police use what is in my view a proper and reasonable way. If criminals get hurt committing crime, it’s just too bad.

As for Diane Abbott, I criticise for one reason and one reason only: she’s an idiot. And idiots come in all colours.