My life is almost complete. Recently, I wrote a piece about local talent and somehow it reached the PC of one Kevin McFadden. Who, you might ask? Kevin who? Kevin McFadden, I reply. Only the lead vocalist, lead guitarist and writer of, in my opinion, the greatest rock band Bristol ever produced, Misdemeanor. Kevin was kind enough to make contact with me via email, so it is only right that I plug his wonderful music to death on this website.

You may have noticed, dear reader, that I am a big fan of guitar-based rock music. Guitar-based music with good tunes is what I live for in back in the 1980s I discovered in the pubs and clubs of Bristol Kevin McFadden’s blinding four piece band. I followed them everywhere round the area and got to the stage where I not only knew their songs, I knew most of the words too.

A Misdemeanor setlist contained mostly originals, such as the epic Walls Of Shame, Radio Radio, Indian Times, Shadows Of Love (and many, many more) but there were cleverly judged covers too, including the Starjets War Stories, U2’s I Will Follow and Springsteen’s Cadillac Ranch, which McFadden blended effortlessly into the band’s sound.

The band had a huge following too and it was with no small amount of devastation when, apparently, the band and McFadden disappeared, leaving no trace except for a cassette EP I once bought at a gig which included the wonderful Indian Times.

Years later, after badgering various people, but especially Mike Darby from Sugar Shack Records, I heard to my near orgasmic delight that many Misdemeanor tunes were on iTunes. I immediately bought the music and it was as good a purchase I have ever made. Suddenly, I was back in the Crown, or the Pioneer, the Fleece or any number of venues in which I saw the band. Now, Kevin has made my life even more complete than complete by confirming that the songs are now on You Tube.

And it gets better. The great man now lives in California but tells me he is now working on new music. If it was possible to fall through the floor in delight at reading this news, I’d have fallen through it.

In the meantime, please – if you like great rock music, original songs which are wonderfully catchy, accompanied by top musicianship – get out there and listen on You Tube and better still get buying on iTunes. There is nothing in it for me, other than the prospect of new McFadden music, but that’s more than enough.

I always thought it was merely a matter of time before Misdemeanor achieved the fame their great music deserved and, with my spirits raised to alarming levels, I still believe it could be. My iPod today will once again be bursting with what I truly believe is some of the best music ever made and the news that the man who made it all happen is alive, well and busy making music has just about made my year, never mind my day.