The latest in a long line of obscene and barbaric murders by ISIS took place on a beach in Libya where 21 Coptic Christians were beheaded for the heinous crime of being Coptic Christians. This fits in well with the ISIS pattern of murdering innocent people for things that no right thinking person was bad and in some instances, like with aid workers, where people were doing good.

It is particularly awful seeing Libya plunging into violent chaos and disorder, especially since it was only in September 2011 when the British Prime Minister David Cameron, along with the French President Sarkozi, was being feted by the locals for his part in having General Gadaffi removed and killed. A joyous Cameron spoke outside the Corinthia Hotel in Benghazi, nervously laughing at the near hysterical reaction of the crowd towards him. The PM must have thought that it doesn’t get much better than this. A plan that came together to set free the people of Libya and to remove the evil dictator who held his people back.

I remember Cameron speaking to the House of Commons informing the nation that we must support the UN plan for a no fly zone over Libya. The three tests, he said, were that “we must demonstrate need, we must ensure regional support and we must show that there’s a clear legal basis.” These, he added, were all passed with flying colours. But he should have thought of the fourth test: what the hell happens next? With Libya self-destructing and the very people who cheered Cameron now are the good guys of 2011, it’s a shame no one thought of the last bit.

Today, Cameron said how he didn’t regret what he’d done in 2011, that the world was a safer place without Gadaffi and in the same circumstances he’d do it all again. Who does he think he is? I know who he sounds like: the heir to Blair, because this is Blair’s standard mantra when he is asked about the disastrous aftermath once Saddam was toppled. The plan to get rid of Saddam worked a treat, but no one had bothered to do any planning for the future. What is clear in the instance of Libya is that Cameron has learned nothing from the monumental blunders made by Blair in Iraq and is now repeating many of them by way of his mistakes and words.

Politicians and their wars, eh? Thatcher had the Falklands War, which came about due to the incompetence of her government, but once it was won created the mythology about the Iron Lady, Blair had his invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan and Cameron has had Libya and tried to have Syria too but was stopped by parliament. (I can’t imagine things would have turned out any better if we had tried to bomb our way to peace in Syria, but it is hard to see how things could have turned out any worse.)

We really do need politicians of major stature to deal with this, arguably the most dangerous and unstable period of our lifetimes. Politicians of the stature (but not necessarily the politics) of Clinton, Churchill, Blair and – God help us – Thatcher. Certainly in the UK, Cameron is little more than a dilettante ex PR man, Miliband is untested and Clegg is literally unbelievable. The German bully Merkel offers me no encouragement, neither do any other leaders around the world, not even the much loved but lame duck President Obama whose successor can surely only be worse.

Libya is of course not all Cameron’s fault, but like so many other politicians he took his eye off the ball once he rejoiced in the belief that it was ‘Mission Accomplished’, which as history has proved beyond reasonable doubt it wasn’t.

It is hard to be optimistic about the future right now and that’s because there’s nothing to be optimistic about. Just ever more islamic fascism and barbarism, on an ever increasing worldwide scale. And when the Prime Minister tells us that our country is going to be involved in deposing yet another evil/mad foreign tyrant, perhaps we should ask him what is plan is beyond that. Nothing is not a good answer, as we have learned.