My loyal reader may have noticed I was, as we computer experts say, “off-line” yesterday. This was entirely caused by my temporary relocation to the sunshine island of Corfu. And the fact that it was too much trouble to leave either my sunbed or the bar to write anything.

Nothing much has happened in Greece since I was last here in January. Apart from, that is, an earthquake of a general election where the hard left Syriza party shook up the old guard by winning a General Election and a referendum where people rejected more austerity. None of these seismic happenings changed anything. On the mainland, things are still unstable. On Corfu, nothing has changed at all.

I have a fairly good idea why things carry on as normal on islands – the islands have, shall we say, a unique and creative interpretation of the tax system. I shall leave the details to your imagination but everyone, except the government, the EU and the IMF seems quite happy with the arrangements!

The internet keeps me up to date on things back home I can be bothered to be interested in. And everywhere you can watch Rupert Murdoch’s sports channels on what we used to refer to as “dodgy boxes”. A glance at the news once a day suffices for me, and perhaps I might check the football results, but we are in Greece and when it Greece I feel compelled to behave as my hosts wish me to do: drink their beer, eat their food and grill under their sun (I do wish they could allow me to take some home).

The real shame of the timing of our holiday was that we missed not one but two gigs at the local Coconut Bar by Bumblefoot, who just happens to be the lead guitar player for the popular beat combo outfit Guns N Roses. He has been over here hosting a rock school for budding musicians and happily mingles with locals and holidaymakers alike, in between work and play. He’s gone to the mainland now, followed by a trip to Islamabad, which strikes me as an unlikely choice of venue, but I suppose it takes all sorts.

This is now my 22nd visit to Corfu and the 30th anniversary of my first visit. It’s better than ever although currently it’s cloudier than usual I would love to tell you more but a pint of ice cold Royal Ionian Lager awaits and I would hate to offend the barman!