If there was any justice on this earth, and of course there isn’t, then I would be able to happily pay for my sons to go through university and enjoy all the things along the way with barely a dent to my finances.

Of course, that isn’t the way things work out and why my boys will have to rely on brains alone.

Because of my job, I cannot write about politics in the public arena so I won’t, but my worth to the public is many, many times my pathetic salary.  And I am treated like something that ends up on the bottom of your shoe.

I’m far too old for a massive career change and that’s heartbreaking.  My father’s widow and much of his history is in Ottawa and my brothers live in Vancouver and there is absolutely zero chance of me ever flying over to meet them.  Instead, I have to rely on them coming to see me and that just isn’t fair.  But then, life isn’t fair.

The multimillionaires like Cameron, Clegg, Osborne and Cable (and most of the cabinet) have little idea about the struggle the rest of us endure throughout our entire lives.

I don’t begrudge successful people their riches – in fact, I don’t think those who have toiled hard throughout their lives to better their lives get enough credit – but the balance is all wrong.

I am doomed now to low pay – and it is low pay – and a bit of a struggle (yes, I know many are far worse off) forever whilst the undeserving rich are high on the hog.

I can’t rely on the lottery changing my life, there is no unexpected windfall on the way, I simply can’t work any harder and I will continue to get poorer.

We’re all in it together?  I don’t think so.