A hugely uplifting day of good news and nice experiences. Where do I begin?

In our local ASDA tonight, a collection for and by the Brandon Trust. Some hugely inspiring people raising money for one of my very favourite charities (why do we rely on charities for such vital work?) and some laughs too. The young lad I talked to asked me what my favourite football team was. After a false start with Liverpool, I said Bristol Rovers which encouraged him to give me a high five. He plays for the Rovers disabled team and asked whether I was going to tomorrow’s game at home to Bath City in the FA Trophy. Such a nice lad, I didn’t really want to explain I no longer went to games because the chairman of the club banned a friend of mine and then went on local radio and told lies about what had happened! I just said I couldn’t make the game which I think was an acceptable lie.

Earlier, I took my son to Mike Harbord’s opticians in Winterbourne. Whilst I was waiting, a lady came in concerned that her contact lens had become stuck high beneath her eyelid. The optician immediately took her into the consulting room and did a full examination and confirmed that she had not done so and had lost the offending sight aid. The lady was so grateful and thanked the optician. Five minutes later, she returned with a box of expensive chocolates for the staff. How lovely was that?

I am reminded that most people are essentially good. We only see and hear in the media the awful stories of bad people doing bad things and the good deeds of others, in the majority by far, go unrecognised.

Coming back to life after a real setback this week, I feel alive again, boosted by the optimism of good deeds and good people. How can it be so, just after two of the lowest days of my entire life?

I have also bought a book on mindfulness which I shall read from cover to cover in a very short space of time. My last therapist recommended I explore the subject and I think I shall.

One day at a time, isn’t it?