Self-indulgent Friday has arrived. It’s that random iPod shuffle.

1. Realize by Karsh Kale. It says here that this music is a mix of genres, including electronic fusion, Indian classical, Indian folk, rock, hip hop, electronic dance, progressive global fusion and jazz. It’s wonderful.

2. SOS by Kula Shaker. From the charmingly named Peasants, Pigs & Astronauts, Crispian Mills does his best to lose his voice on this one.

3. He’s Gone by Syreeta. A little known Motown Chartbuster. Wasn’t she Mrs Stevie Wonder once? You’d never guess from this!

4. Dear Jessie by Madonna. Like A Prayer remains a great record. Here is Madge with added strings.

5. You Made It Right by the Ozark Mountain Daredevils. Thanks to Whispering Bob Harris for turning me onto this lovely country-influenced band. Marvellous.

6. Oxygene to the Brain by Brian Wilson. Oh dear. Not a career high point from the patchy (to say the least) Lucky Old Sun record. I usually wind through this one, with good reason.

7. Good Is Good by Sheryl Crow. The lovely Sheryl also advises us that “bad is bad”, so thanks for that. The voice and the tune are a lot better than the lyrics.

8. Se A Cabo by Santana. What do you mean you haven’t got Abraxas?

9. Centre of the Universe by the Eagles. Don Henley’s gorgeous voice dominates this tune from the far better than expected Long Road out of Eden album.

10. Up In Heaven (not only here) by the Clash. Unmistakable, wonderful, Joe Strummer, Sandanista.