Poor John Whittingdale. Who, you might ask? You know, the Secretary of State for Rupert Murdoch. He’s the one who thinks the BBC license fee is worse than the Poll Tax. What a great man to preside over the destruction of the BBC.

Poor old John found himself in a bit of bother a couple of years ago. He met a young lady on an on-line dating agency, fell on top of her and accidentally impregnated her. It happens. And it turns out that she was a lady of the night, a sex worker.

Now, I could not care less who our John is bonking. It’s his business. But it is very interesting that the Sun, the shittiest newspaper in shit town, had the story, but decided not to run with it, even though everyone knew it was true. It’s a complete coincidence. Just because Whittingdale is the man who will decide the future of the BBC (there isn’t one), the fact that the Sun has ignored the story is because it’s not a big story. Or rather, it is a bad story, but the Sun is being very loyal to the man it believes, with good reason, will abolish the Beeb, which Rupert Murdoch loathes.

A free press, you see. A free press owned by a filthy rich American citizen who makes a lot of money in the UK and believes he would make an awful lot more if the BBC was scrapped.

It is very difficult to overstate what has happened. The biggest selling paper in the land declines to run with a scandal story, which is the only reason it exists.

I’d say this is the biggest threat to our press freedom, ever.