Watching the BBC coverage of the 70 year commemoration of D Day and I am in bits.

To the best of my knowledge, no one from my family was involved in the landings but hearing the stories of those who were, as well as from their proud families, is intensely moving.

The skies are blue at Colleville-Sur-Mer where thousands gather to pay their tributes and give their thanks to those who gave so much to ensure our freedom today.

It is impossible for me to understand the courage of those who did so much to ensure that we remain free citizens today.

Everyone involved in D Day must have known that they might never come home, that their lives and dreams might be ended in an instant.

My dad, at 15, served on the Liberty ships that dodged the U Boats in the Atlantic to see that our people were fed.

My mother and her family lived and almost died in Rotterdam, losing three homes and all their possessions, spending much of the Second World War under Nazi occupation.

Without the heroes of D Day, how many of us would actually be here today, and even if we were, what would our lives be like?

Their gift to us has been peace and freedom.

And we must never forget them.