Well, Ed Miliband’s really gone and done it now. Not only will a Labour government put up house prices, bring five years of terrible weather, it will give everyone cancer. And now he’s gone and done an interview with Russell Brand which means Miliband is a “loony lefty” and the Labour Party, the party of the NHS, has now been renamed the “Monster Raving Labour Party’. And who by? Why, Rupert Murdoch’s Sun.

This is the same Rupert Murdoch whose newspapers hacked the phone of the murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler, who lied about the dead and the dying at Hillsborough and happily published the Nazi-like words of Katie Hopkins when she referred to desperate drowning migrants as “cockroaches”. Murdoch certainly speaks from the moral high ground, doesn’t he?

Let us be absolutely clear about this: Murdoch’s raison detre has nothing to do with what is best for the UK. He only wants what is best for Rupert Murdoch and he wants to make as much money as possible and to monopolise the media. Oh, and he is very angry with Miliband for standing up to him. A former Australian citizen, now an American citizen, desperately trying to persuade UK voters, by way of lies and distortion, to vote for his preferred candidates. It’s disgusting.

Brand does not agree with voting. I do not agree with him one iota. People fought world wars to vote, many people are denied the vote around the world. Whether voting actually matters is another story. Brand is not alone. Over a quarter of the electorate, maybe even a third of the electorate does not vote. We need to persuade them, including Brand, that voting can change the world. That is what Miliband has done talking to Brand. Brand’s You Tube channel is hugely popular, especially with young people and which is the group that is less likely to vote? Yes, it’s young people. People who don’t vote are EXACTLY the people with whom politicians should be engaging and if by speaking to Brand young people decide to vote, isn’t that a good thing?

I would argue strongly that we do not have a free press. The Sun is owned by an American, as is the Times and Sunday Times, The Mail is owned by a non dom Lord Rothermere, the Telegraph is owned by the tax exile Barclay Brothers, the Express group is owned by porn baron and Ukip supporter ‘Dirty’ Richard Desmond. Even the left leaning Mirror is owned by a huge corporation and the Independent isn’t independent. What about me?

The aim of papers like The Sun is very simple: in order to win the General Election, the Tories need to persuade people to vote for a party that will work against their interests. It is a matter of fact that the Sun is read by a largely low paid working class section of the public, the very people who would be devastated by the break up of the NHS, cuts in school spending, dramatic cuts to working age benefits and the sick and disabled. I could not care less if you think this is a snobbish view because it isn’t. I came from a poor background and never in my life did I ever earn anything like the national average wage. I was one of those who suffered under Heath and especially Thatcher, who the right wing press urged me to vote for. So don’t accuse me of being patronising to some people: if they don’t see the damage the Tories, along with the useful idiots of the Lib Dems, have caused this country, then they’re not watching.

We are not in danger of class war, we are there already. The ruling elite get richer whilst the rest of us stand still or get poorer. The Sun, despite its populism and easy headlines, stands on the side of the ruling classes, the establishment elite like Cameron, Murdoch and their like. This is the real reason for the constant onslaught on Miliband. They want to keep us in our places. Sorry if I sound like some SWP type revolutionary, I’m not, but in a way this is class war, but in my view the only way to deal with it is by voting and I congratulate Miliband. Cameron has barely met an ordinary person throughout the entire campaign. He refuses to debate anyone, it is a campaign based on soundbites and slogans and poisonous media headlines. And the absence of genuine debate, the lack of discussion of where we are an what we can do about it, endangers our democracy.

This election should be about issues that affect ordinary people, not Rupert Murdoch’s business interests. When he attacks Miliband, he demeans himself and he ignores the things that matter to us.

I don’t find Brand very funny and he has a point of view about voting I don’t agree with. Isn’t it better to engage with him and find out why?