My loyal reader may have noticed a dramatic drop in my blogging this week. It’s because I have started work. For two days a week – three this week! – I am working and given that this includes mornings, my most productive part of the day for writing has gone.

I have got home from work and on both days so far have tried to write and succeeded only in part. I am not blind to what is reasonably half decent and what isn’t and almost all the decent stuff I write happens when the day is young. The later it gets, usually by the afternoon, the less and worse I write.

I am pleased to be back in work again, although I shall not be referring to my employer in cyberspace, nor what I am doing for them, but I can tell you it won’t make me rich. Much as I’d like to be rich – I want to go to the Maldives, you know – I am at an age where whilst money is handy, other things, like being happy, matter far more.

This will be my third job since leaving the civil service after 39 years so I am hoping for a bit of third time lucky. Asda was a great experience and a very good employer, Tesco was a bad experience and an horrendous employer. The latter scarred me, I’m afraid, and whilst I have since heard good things from other people who work for the supermarket behemoth, I have nothing good to say about the Tesco not-very-superstore at Bradley Stoke.

My creative juices have dried up for now, hopefully to return on Friday morning. Those looking for some top class writing will probably do well to look elsewhere at the best of times, but hopefully Friday’s offerings will be a little more inspiring than this.