The sight of our prime minister – our prime minister! – being led up the red carpet, holding hands with Donald Trump, looking like a three year old being accompanied to the toilet brings not just shame but deep embarrassment to our country. You know our country: the one that is in the process of raising the drawbridge to our friends in Europe in order to be subservient to the leader of the Alt Right movement, assisted by useful idiots like Farage and Johnson, all at the beck and call of Mr Novichok himself, Bad Vlad Putin.

Remember a few years ago when a decent US president, one Barack Obama, made it clear it was in Britain’s best interests to remain in Europe? Well, he was right about that, as we are all surely beginning to realise now. Obama was told to shut up and mind his own business by the hard right, the establishment and much of the media. Yet when Trump arrives, shouting his mouth off that unless we have a hard Brexit there will be no trade deal with the US, we are merely supposed to doff our caps and swallow our pride? That’s what May is doing.

May’s fawning will not impress America’s blowhard president. Trump likes “strong” leaders, which is to say anti-democratic murderers and ruthless crooks. May’s handholding will not impress him. He was see her as weak and subservient, which of course she is, with knobs on.

Surely you can see what is going on here? It is not a coincidence that Trump loves Putin and it is clear that there has been some high level activities between the two leaders. Both have vested interests in a weak and divided Europe, geographical, political and economic and that is precisely what they are working towards.

Later today, you can imagine Trump changing his tune about deals with Britain. Today’s threats will turn into tomorrow’s “great trade deals” which will of course mean absolutely nothing to a protectionist president who, pathetically, wants more than anything to be loved. Instead of kowtowing, Mrs May should show some strength. Stand up to the orange-faced wank puffin, make it clear that we can’t push us around, that if are really the proud, independent state we are told, he should show us a little respect.

And while she’s at it, cut a deal with the EU that retains our access to the single market and customs union, free movement (that means for us too, as well as those awful foreigners) and ensure that we do not go off a cliff next March when, if we must, leave the EU.

Grovelling in front of right wing dictators never works and it won’t work with Trump. Theresa May needs to learn this and fast. It’s only the future of the country that depends on it.