Jeremy Vine, I discover today ( I don’t watch daytime telly), has a daytime show on Channel 5. A clip  highlighted on twitter reveals to me it is a current affairs show because obviously there aren’t enough current affairs show on the box. And it shows Vine talking to a telephone caller who is arguing that BBC producers should not interfere in the natural world and, in the case of the stranded penguins in David Attenborough’s new TV series, allow animals to die. So glad I opened that video.

Luckily, Man has never interfered with human nature so I suppose the caller has a point, but hang on a minute; yes, he has. Man – and let’s be honest: it’s not just one man – has decimated wildlife on earth. The rain forests have been destroyed, wild animals have been slaughtered throughout Africa, animals killed in the name of ‘sport’ and there’s those millions of animals we breed purely to eat. I’d say helping a few penguins avoid premature death is a small payback for the harm we have done to the world’s wildlife.

I’m very tired of these types of TV and radio shows. Select a controversial subject and have a phone in. Even Radio Five Live, which I like a great deal, has lurched into “let’s hear what you have to say”, putting on air the most extreme and controversial callers in the name of ratings. And so, it seems, is Jeremy Vine, now on TV as he does on the radio.

Whatever happened to straight news shows where a talented journalist establishes the facts and presents them to us with the maximum amount of impartiality?  I suppose people must like this kind of thing, especially since the country is already so hopelessly divided, a bit more division wouldn’t makes things any worse, would it?

“Bert from Neasden wants penguins to die. What do you think?” I think I’ll look for the off switch, thank you very much.