The news bulletins continue to advise me that the missing Luton family have now joined ISIS. Not only that, they have issued a statement which reads: “We say to those that are concerned for our safety to put your hearts at rest for we feel safer than we have ever felt before.” Not only that, they had joined a state which was “free from corruption and oppression”. Phew! What a relief that must be!

The fact that Syria is now such a safe place, must have come as a surprise to the 25 men murdered today among the ruins of Palmyra by, it appeared, 13 and 14 year old boys. Nor indeed to the 230,000 to have so far lost their lives in Syria.

Actually, I’m not certain that they even made the statement, and even if they did, it was almost certainly managed by ISIS themselves. But I despair of the notion that they were somehow tricked or fooled into going to Syria. Look at this comment from the on-line Guardian today:

Being groomed / led on / brainwashed in this case is no excuse, I’m sorry.

At 15 or 16 I was certainly a bumptious little tool but even I knew that it was inexcusable to behead people, sexually enslave them and throw homosexuals to their deaths from high buildings.

And these girls were said to be ‘promising students’. Fuck me. What were the thick ones like?

And that’s it. Even at an early age, when I had discovered what a homosexual was I was not inclined to throw the nearest one off a tall building. I had no desire to behead anyone, nor did I think the solution to the world’s problems would be to set fire to people. So if I, hardly the sharpest tool in the box, could come up with what were very obvious conclusions, why can’t everyone else?

The people who are travelling to Syria know what they are going to, whether it’s by other people’s trickery or not. They have seen the evidence of their own eyes what ISIS have been up to and if they have allowed themselves to be sufficiently “radicalised” to spend their lives with the butchers of Syria it suggests they might not be the best people to want to come “home”.