I have decided to write my memoirs.
In making such an announcement, I am very aware that it will be of very limited public interest.  In fact, it will probably be of no interest at all to the wider public
So, why do I want to write it?
It is fair to say that both academically and in the world of employment, I have not exactly ripped up trees.
I left school with the qualifications my scholastic career richly deserved, which is to say not a lot.
I took the first job that came my way in order to put food on the table and proceeded to stay there for the best part of the next 40 years.
Not exactly an inspiring story, is it?
But then, as with the most famous movie star or the most successful sports person, there is a story to tell, even if it doesn’t feature anything remotely like an Academy Award or a World Cup winner’s medal.
Therefore, the autobiography of someone who didn’t achieve a great deal is soon to be set before an apathetic world.