The Friday Music Shuffle (27.10.23)

Last shuffle of British Summer Time Special

by Rick Johansen

Before we are plunged into darkness for the rest of the year and the first three months of next year, it’s time for the Friday Music Shuffle. Ten songs from my collection, randomly shuffled, and posted on here for no obvious reason.

Hope you find something you like and by all means sing along. All you need to do is click the title!

Yer goes.

  1. To Love Somebody by The Bee Gees. Back to 1967 for this classic from the brothers Gibb.
  2. Ghosttown by Madonna. From Madge’s brilliant 2015 album Rebel Heart. Cracking.
  3. Wasted On The Way by Crosby, Stills and Nash. Fantastic Graham Nash tune from 1982’s Daylight Again. Harmonies are just perfect.
  4. True Confessions by The Bee Gees. It’s 1991 and the brothers have released High Civilisation, a terrific record and this is one of the best tunes on it.
  5. Are You Ready by Graham Coxon. Lush joint from the Blur man’s 2004 long player Happiness In Magazines.
  6. Night Nurse by Gregory Isaacs. And who doesn’t need a night nurse from time to time? This from 1980’s Lonely Lover LP.
  7. Closer To Home (I’m Your Captain) by Grand Funk Railroad. Title track of their 1970 long player, which I like very much. 10 minutes, mind.
  8. Poison by The Prodigy. Christ on a bicycle: this tune was released in 1994. And it’s still great. From Music For The Jilted Generation.
  9. Hello, Goodbye by The Beatles. Perfect in every way. From 1968’s Magical Mystery Tour.
  10. Goin’ Back by Nils Lofgren. Brilliant cover of the Gerry Goffin/Carole King tune from the lad’s eponymously titled 1975 album.

Now that was an eclectic mix!

This week’s Desert Island Disc was so close.  Eventually, I went for Wasted On The Way by CSN.

Hope you liked at some of the songs.

Have a good week ’til next week!

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