The Friday Music Shuffle (24.11.23)

Last shuffle of autumn special

by Rick Johansen

Good afternoon grapple fans and welcome to a very special Friday Music Shuffle to celebrate – or is it to commemorate? – the last shuffle of autumn 2023. Because the next one will be on the first day of winter. Things, at least season and weather wise, can only get worse. In the meantime, here’s some music.

What happens is this. I set my music device to shuffle, press play and it selects ten songs from my collection which I record on here. If you want to be part of the excitement (!), then just click on the song title to listen or even sing along.

I hope you find something you like!

  1. Dream For Him by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. From their less than stellar 1999 long player, Looking Forward. This is a Croz song.
  2. Jus’ A Rascal by Dizzee Rascal. Nice little tune from 2003’s Boy In Da Corner.
  3. Let’s Dance On by The Monkees. Classic 1960s sound from the band’s 1966 eponymous debut LP, written as usual at the time by Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart.
  4. Here Comes My Girl by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Great track from 1979’s brilliant Damn The Torpedoes.
  5. Glows by Baxter Dury. Although his recent gig in Bristol was rubbish, his studio music is still of a high standard. This from 2023’s I Thought I Was Better Than You.
  6. Yuki Song by Deep Forest. Gorgeous track from the French duo’s 2002 album Music Detected.
  7. Act Of Love by Neil Young. 1995’s Mirror Ball is one of my favourite Neil Young albums, not least because it features a rather tidy backing band, Pearl Jam. Fucking brilliant, this.
  8. Last Will And Testament by J.J. Cale and Eric Clapton. Somewhat controversially, I think Clapton’s career peaked in 1970 with Derek and the Dominos’ Layla and other assorted love songs and has been on a downward trajectory ever since. He levelled out briefly in 2006 when he made The Road To Escondido from which this song comes.
  9. No Quarter by Led Zeppelin. Seven minutes of greatness from 1973’s Houses Of The Holy. How is this 50 years old?
  10. I Can’t Move No Mountains by Samuel Purdey. From their brilliant 1999 album Musically Adrift – trust me, they aren’t – with hints of Steely Dan, the Doobie Brothers, Earth, Wind and Fire and Boz Scaggs, you need this album.

This week’s Desert Island Disc is the exciting number seven song, Act of Love by Neil Young.

Hope you enjoyed it and maybe found something new.

Have a good week ’til next week.


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