Four days into winter and I’m in my Man Cave listening to music and, as it’s Friday, I’m going to share it with you. 10 tunes, chosen at random by my musical device, and available for you to listen to by clicking on the song title. Without further ado, let’s rock!

  1. Silver Girl by Fleetwood Mac. An okay Stevie Nicks tune from the band’s most recent album, 2003’s Say You Will.
  2. Not Too Late by Lindsey Buckingham. From 1997’s Under The Skin, a lovely tune with amazing guitar work by the Mac man.
  3. Fog On The Tyne by Lindisfarne. Classic Alan Hull from 1971, which of course was the greatest year for music, ever.
  4. Stuck On The Moon by Natalie Imbruglia. I picked up her Glorious album for a quid in the late record shop, Head. It’s not bad, actually.
  5. Our Love (Don’t Throw It All Away) by the Bee Gees. From their wonderful One Night Only album of 1998, this features the voice of Barry, Robin and Maurice’s younger brother Andy who died tragically young. Watch the video and weep.
  6. Nobody Loves You Anymore by Lindisfarne. Another from the Geordie boys, this from my favourite album of theirs, 1973’s Roll On Ruby.
  7. Footprints On The Moon by Johnny Harris. Lush instrumental from the Scottish-born composer, producer, arranger, conductor, and musical director and his orchestra. Love this.
  8. Summertime In My Heart by the Electric Soft Parade. Brilliant tune from 2013’s Idiot. Massively underrated band who should be huge.
  9. Born On The Bayou by John Fogerty. Fogerty covering his own Creedence Clearwater Revival classic on his 1998 live album Premonition.
  10. The Hypnotic by The Roots. From their 1996 Hip Hop classic record Illadelph Halflife, this is superb.

That’s all, folks!