No names, no clues, here.

A parent of someone we know was admitted to hospital earlier this week and they have now been diagnosed with Covid-19. The family is unable to visit the person and s/he is being cared for by our incredible NHS staff, who have never met her/him.

Let’s hope – and if you pray, then pray – that this person makes a quick and full recovery and that the family will soon be together again.

For those people who have chosen to ignore the government’s instructions and gone to work or to congregate in parks, then think of one thing: someday soon this could be your mother, your father, your grandparents, your favourite auntie or uncle or the lovely neighbour with a twinkle in her/his eye. No one is immune and this is not a trial run. It could even be you.

If you ignore government instructions, you might literally kill someone. And you are making the lives of our magnificent NHS staff even harder. For God’s sake, take some responsibility for your actions and think about how they impact on people’s lives. And stay at home.