This is something my son Stefan wrote about the COVID-19 vaccine on someone’s Facebook page:

Wrote this on someone else’s FB post but thought it bore repeating. If you’re worried about the vaccine being rushed, you have to consider the reasons for its development time being so fast. Basically every relevant medical resource on the planet has been dedicated to these vaccines, all the red tape that usually comes with making a vaccine has been cut to expedite it and governments around the world have been investing billions and billions of dollars into its production. Other vaccines take years to be released because they aren’t being produced to fight a deadly global pandemic which has put every facet of life on hold. Corners aren’t being cut and it’s not being rushed.
I understand people’s anxieties about it being rushed but that is just based on ignorance (not a criticism, people have more important shit to concern themselves with than medical regulations and bureaucracy shit lol). Please listen to the scientists around the world who’ve been studying this shit for decades rather than just saying “well the virus has only been around for a year so this vaccine CAN’T be safe for sure”.
Spread the word: the vaccine has not been rushed, it’s safe and it’s effective. And it is the only way to get our lives back.